Stoneburies and mulchers

Machinery for precise tillage

Ortiflor stone buriers are suitable for all types of soil and can work in various conditions, performing delicate work with great precision. In one operation, they can bury stones, clods of earth and surface vegetation, preparing the seedbed clean and level. The counter-rotating, oversized rotor with specially designed blades moves and works soil up to 40 cm deep. The soil is separated and retained from the stones by a double comb. The machine is equipped with oversized, case-hardened gears, special steel grid teeth and self-dampening to ensure reliability even under extreme conditions. It is also equipped with a safety system to safeguard mechanical parts. Other strengths of Ortiflor stone buriers are the adjustable leveling casing and the hydraulic tapered roller, which allow for more compact and durable baulking. In addition, with the many optional extras available, interstones can be customized to the customer’s needs, performing multiple jobs in one step.