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Our company

Ortiflor Group is a company whose history is rooted in the entrepreneurial choice of its founder Antonello Alessi.
In 1997, driven by an innate passion for mechanics and given the ingenious flair, probably inherited from his grandfather and father inventors of the “Aratro voltaorecchio” and “fresara” (international patent 1960), he designed and built an Operating Machine capable of burying stones, clods of earth, surface vegetation and preparing the seedbed clean and level.
In 1999, experimentation and product trials enabled the company to accumulate experience, specializing in professional soil preparation in the field of horticulture, floriculture and nursery gardening in the Italian market. In rapid ascent, it has also become appreciated in the French and Spanish markets, thanks to the ‘innovation whereby, it creates baulatures made to drawing of different widths and working in a wide variety of conditions, at the same time performs delicate work of great precision in a single step.

In 2002 the Ortiflor Group acquired a sales manager, in the person of Cristian Alessi, through whom it conquered the Danish market. Continuously evolving, it is making its way into the German market. In the following years, the company founded not only on concepts of quality and excellence but above all on the expertise and passion that the two brothers put into meeting customer needs, acquired new foreign markets, Brazil, UAE, Honduras to name a few.
The company’s solidity has enabled it over the years, to acquire a factory of several thousand square meters of property, developed into three departments : carpentry, assembly and powder coating plant, thanks to which it can guarantee accurate and quick delivery. The test and trial field attached to the property deserves a special mention.
Ortiflor Group’s goal is to become and remain the first choice for its customers and future customers, confident that talent, ability, determination, reliability and courage are the key components for a successful company.

Our mission

The Ortiflor Group’s goal is to become and remain the first choice for its customers and future customers, confident that talent, ability, determination, courage and reliability are the key elements of a successful company.

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Attention to detail

The Ortiflor Group is dedicated to meeting the demands of its customers with attention and care to the smallest detail
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Quality of materials

Using the best Made in Italy certified materials for the construction of its machinery


Caring for its customers

Ensure immediate technical support for all our customers

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Continuous innovation

Ensures safety and reliability in the workplace through strict controls and ongoing training programs

A success story

Late 1800s

At the end of the 1800s in Curtarolo, the “Ditta” of Alessi Giovanni was established, the owner of which was engaged in one of the most important professions of that time: he was the blacksmith who produced ironwork and the farrier who shoed horses. All the paraphernalia from iron to nails was produced by the craftsman.


Around 1925, his son, Alessi Vincenzo Romeo, decided to introduce improvements in farming systems and perfected craft techniques that he would pass on to subsequent generations. Thus began the production of animal-drawn plows and plows.


Invents and manufactures plows for Landini hothead tractors. In the 1930s Landini became the leading agricultural tractor factory, surpassing Fiat.


Thanks to his flair, sensing the needs of the moment, in a succession of successes, he invented and produced 3-point plows with air piston and compressor; anchor grubbers; tine harrows and two-body coulters; disc harrow; the famous Voltaorecchio plow (with patent); up to the “fresara,” a plow with tiller that with a single pass “plows and tills” thus preparing the soil for planting.
In the 1960s the third generation fully took over in the guise of Vincenzo’s son, Alessi Remo, who inherited his father’s great inventiveness and passion and began the production of ratchet, screw and hydraulic presses. These were very successful as they reduced the time it took to press the grapes.


It builds and manufactures 1- and 4-speed tillers and power harrows, and while it supplies plows to Massey Fergusson tractors, in 1990 it patented “one pass,” a machine consisting of two rotors that after plowing with a single pass prepares the soil for planting.


Following in the footsteps of the great men of previous generations, Alessi Antonello’s ORTIFLOR was born.


With the arrival of Alessi Cristian, Ortiflor became Ortiflor Group, which acquired several foreign markets.


With courage and determination, the Alessi brothers are celebrating 20 years in business.
Firmly believing that the drive for innovation, will always be the prerequisite for the competitiveness of Interrasassi Ortiflor Group, we will continue to offer our customers professional, customized and quality machines.