Machinery for precise tillage

What are Layer plastic machines

Layer plastic machines are agricultural machines designed to apply a layer of mulching material, such as plastic, biodegradable, non-woven fabric, agrotextile or organic material, to the soil. This layer has multiple benefits: it conserves soil moisture, increases soil temperature, reduces weed growth and prevents erosion. The use of layer plastic machines has become a key element in modern agricultural practices, enabling farmers to improve the health and yield of their crops in a sustainable manner.

How Layer plastic machine Work

Layer plastic machine distribute the mulching material evenly over the ground, adapting to different types of field. The process begins with the loading of the film reels onto the machine, which simplifies loading and unloading thanks to its integrated roller system. The film is then unwound and spread on the ground as the machine moves through the field. This method not only improves the efficiency of agricultural work but also contributes to an even distribution of the material, which is essential for maximising the benefits of mulching.

The Different Models of Layer plastic machines

The market offers a wide range of Layer plastic machines, each designed to meet specific agricultural needs. Models vary in size, capacity and additional functionality. Ortiflor Mulchers offer complete machines capable of spreading one or more lines of film, one or more drip wings, distributing localised fertiliser and can be equipped with drilling wheels.

Layer plastic machines for Different Crops

Mulchers are versatile and can be used for a wide range of crops, from vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers to fruits such as strawberries and melons. Choosing the right model depends on the specific crop, the type of mulching and the size of the field. For example, narrow row crops will require mulchers with a different configuration than those with wider rows.

How to choose the right Layer plastic machine

Choosing the right Layer plastic machine is crucial to maximising mulching efficiency and effectiveness. Consider the following factors:

  1. Type of Crop: Different crops require different mulching types and machine configurations.
  2. Size of Farm: The size of the field influences the choice between manual and automatic models.
  3. Type of Mulch: The choice of mulch material may require specific machine configurations.
  4. Budget and Maintenance: Evaluate the initial cost of the machine and expected maintenance costs.

In summary, mulchers are essential tools for modern agriculture, offering effective solutions for improving the quality and quantity of agricultural production. Choosing the right Layer plastic machine requires a clear understanding of your needs and the specific characteristics of the different options available on the market.