Machinery for precise tillage

What is a bed former stone burier?

Stone burier Bed formers are revolutionary tools in the agricultural sector, designed to improve the preparation of agricultural land by burying stones and debris and promoting aeration and tillage of the soil. Ortiflor Group, leader in the sector of innovative agricultural solutions, offers a range of cutting-edge stone buriers, characterized by robustness, efficiency and sustainability. These machines are essential for perfectly preparing land for sowing, optimizing agricultural processes, improving and facilitating vegetable harvesting.


Definition and Principles of Operation

A stone burier bed former works on sophisticated mechanical principles. Turning against the advance of the tractor, it allows the machine to pick up clay, stony soil and vegetation residues, lift them up and throw them back onto a double sorting grid, which will filter the coarse soil by dropping it into the cavity created by the rotor, with special 12 mm thick hoes. In doing so, the grid refines the soil by sifting it and making it a perfect sowing and transplanting bed. The soil is formed by the adjustable front discs, which convey the soil inside the machine to form a raised portion. The rear levelling guard, complete with adjustable humpback, will form the desired baulatura, customised in width and height. The machines offered by Ortiflor Group are equipped with cutting-edge technology that optimises their effectiveness and reduces their environmental impact, making them a preferred choice for modern farmers who focus on innovation and sustainability.

Types and Models Available on the Market

Ortiflor Group offers a variety of bed former stone buriers, each designed to meet specific agricultural needs. From the compact model to the larger ones, each machine is created with all the provisions for subsequent applications (mechanical cylindrical roller, hydraulically motorized cylindrical roller, localized fertilizer for granular and pelleted fertilizer, microgranular insecticide distribution, hose spreader, single or double mulcher, wheels drilling machines, hydraulic side markers)

Continuous innovation is at the center of the philosophy of Ortiflor Group, which is committed to developing increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.